Director: Shinichirô Watanabe
Genre: Anime & Manga
Studio: Geneon [Pioneer]   Release date: 2005   Rated: NR
Summary: Director Shinichiro Watanabe continues to push the envelope as his outrageous adventure-comedy "Samurai Champloo" nears the end of its first season. The encounter between Fuu, Jin, and Mugen and a mysterious musician-assassin raises more questions than it answers: The three misfits' trip to Nagasaki apparently involves greater issues than they realize. Fans of "Cowboy Bebop" may find the eerily surreal "Cosmic Collisions" recalls the "Mushroom Samba" episode of Watanabe's previous series. A clipper ship from the U.S. arrives in Japan decades before Commodore Perry, and the depiction of the Americans is anything but flattering. A nascent crisis involving questions of honor has to be resolved in a baseball game: Mugen makes sports history as the first man to pitch a no-hitter in "getta" (platform clogs). Only Watanabe could drop a baseball game into an Edo-era coastal village and make it feel plausible. (Rated 16 and older: violence, violence against women, profanity, alcohol and tobacco use)"--Charles Solomon"

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