Director: Tomomichi Mochizuki
Genre: Anime
Studio: A.D. Vision   Release date: 2001   Rated:
Summary: As Ryo learns more about her late father, she regains her belief in his integrity, which strengthens her commitment to baseball. Meanwhile, the mousy Kanako persuades her father, the principal of Kisaragi High, to keep the girls' team, and Coach Kido packs his charges off to an intensive training camp. Ryo should be on cloud nine when the dashing Takasugi announces he loves her and presents her with a medal as a good-luck charm. Although he thinks of Izumi "like a younger sister," she is furiously jealous and sets out to end the budding romance--all of which causes problems for the team. Director Tomiko Mochizuki uses restraint and taste to keep these complications from degenerating into a soap opera. The characters remain believable high school students, with strong vocal performances distinguishing the team members. Rated 12 Up, but suitable for younger viewers; alcohol use, minor profanity. --Charles Solomon

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