Director: Tomomichi Mochizuki
Genre: Anime
Studio: A.D. Vision   Release date: 2001   Rated:
Summary: This engaging series takes some unexpected turns as Ryo and the Kisaragi High nine score an upset victory over the champion boys' team and earn the right to compete interscholastically. But their elation proves short-lived: reporters disinter a decades-old scandal involving Ryo's father, legendary pitcher Hidehiko Hayakawa. The media attention infuriates the conservative Kisaragi Parents' Association, who insist the girls' baseball team be disbanded. Ryo struggles to understand if and how the scandal involving the father she idolizes could be true. She visits his hometown and discovers he used to coach an orphans' team. Inspired by his example, Ryo risks her life to save two children trapped in a sudden storm. Her teammates--and a vision of her father--join to bring her back from the brink of death to an uncertain future. Rated 12 Up, but suitable for younger viewers; brief nudity, minor profanity. --Charles Solomon

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