Director: Tomomichi Mochizuki
Genre: Anime
Studio: A.D. Vision   Release date: 2001   Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Summary: Ryo continues to build the girls' baseball team for prestigious Kisaragi High. She persuades the large-framed but timid Mao to become catcher; her teammates disguise Kanako so she can play shortstop despite her father's objections. Coach Kido adds the dim wannabe star Yoko to the roster. But the team needs a power hitter, and Ryo focuses her attention on Izumi, the daughter of the head of the school. Complicating the relationship between the girls is the handsome Hiroki's growing interest in Ryo, and the romance Izumi's mother and Ryo's baseball star father shared 20 years ago. Despite her ups and downs, Ryo remains a likeable and sensible character, who neither whines nor giggles. The DVD extras include a lesson in how to cook oden, the fish stew that's the specialty of the café run by Ryo's widowed mother. Rated 12 Up, but suitable for younger viewers; alcohol use. --Charles Solomon

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