Director: Tomomichi Mochizuki
Genre: Anime
Studio: A.D. Vision   Release date: 2001   Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Summary: When he died 10 years ago, Ryo Hayakawa's father left more than the restaurant Ryo's mother runs: his daughter inherited his talent for baseball, including a jet-propelled fastball. Determined to overcome sexist opposition and make a girls' team the national champion, Ms. Himuro, the head of prestigious Kisaragi High, gives Ryo a scholarship. Then complications arise: snobbish tennis ace Izumi dislikes Ryo; handsome baseball star Hiroki is smitten with her; drunken coach Kido, who recalls Mr. Fujisawa in El Hazard, has to find enough top players. Hiroki's attraction is understandable as Ryo's a very likable character. She's not a klutz or a whiner, as many anime heroines are; she's proud of her abilities but surprised at where they take her. In action sequences, the artists flatten the ball to suggest speed, a manga convention that looks weird in animation. Rated 12 Up but suitable for younger viewers; alcohol use. --Charles Solomon

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