Genre: Anime
Studio: Geneon Entertainment   Release date:   Rated: NR
Summary: As this retro sci-fi fantasy builds to its climax, Claus and Dio return to discover that Maestro Delphine has seized the "Silvana". She takes them and the all-important Al to Guild headquarters, where Dio is forced compete in bloody hand-to-hand combat to ensure his succession to the leadership of the Guild. Delphine seems unphased when the forces of Anatory and Disith attack, nor does the discovery that she may not have all the incantations needed to realize Al's mysterious power over the "Exile" upset her. But a seemingly insignificant pawn can sometimes spoil the most elaborate checkmate: Delphine failed to include Luciola, whom she gave to Dio as a slave, in her calculations. The brightly colored computer-generated images of the "Exile" don't always mesh with the sepia palette of the series, but they add visual excitement. (Rated 13 and older: violence, alcohol use) "--Charles Solomon"

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