Director: Kôichi Chigira, Kristi Reed, Eric P. Sherman
Genre: Anime
Studio: Geneon Entertainment   Release date:   Rated:
Summary: The battle of the Dragon's Fangs was not the victory it appeared to be at the end of episode 12 (Last Exile: Discovered Attack): when Tatiana's nerve fails during the fray, she crashes in the desert with Claus. While he restores their damaged Vanship, Lavie recalls how she and Claus have spent their lives together, hoping to match the heroic deeds of their fathers by crossing the mysterious Grand Stream. Having waited so long to develop the characters and clarify the plot, the filmmakers have a lot of catching up to do. These episodes are crowded with revelations, declarations, and crises that will take some time to sort out. As personal and planetary crises grow more serious, three powerful but unexplained entities remain mortal threats: the Grand Stream, Exile, and the sinister Maestro Delphine. Finally, the story of Last Exile is becoming as interesting as the artwork. (Rated 13 and older: violence, minor profanity) --Charles Solomon

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