Director: Morio Asaka
Genre: Anime
Studio: Geneon Entertainment   Release date:   Rated: R for violence, language, some sexuality and drug content.
Summary: The latest series from the female artists' studio Clamp (X, Cardcaptor Sakura) is another tale about a geeky guy who meets a lovely, submissive female android, in the Hand Maid May/Steel Angel Kurumi mold. Maladroit 18-year-old Hideki Motosuwa leaves his family's farm in Hokkaido to attend prep school in Tokyo. Hideki is a pleasant, somewhat hysterical character who falls in love with every girl he sees. When he arrives in the city, he discovers Persocoms (female robots), but can't afford one. He conveniently finds a very cute one in a trash heap, but she can only say "Chi." Hideki's neighbor Hiromu and his whiz-kid friend Minoru say Chi may be a Chobit, a super-Persocom they thought was just an urban legend. Chi is blank-faced and utterly passive, and American audiences may wonder why women artists would continue this sexist genre. (Rated 16 and older: nudity, sexual humor, tobacco use) --Charles Solomon

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